Welcome To Accidental Upskirts

Welcome to my accidental upskirts blog. I started this blog because I really get off on catching that panty or butt shot when a hot girl does not know she is showing what’s under that skirt of hers. You know the type. When you catch a girl climbing stairs, getting out of a car, getting her skirt blown up a little by the wind, bending over to get something off a bottom shelf. Etc…

I’m not sure if my favorite is when the girl never knows or when they do realize what just happened and gets a little embarrassed. What type do you like?

I’ll be posting real accidental upskirts pictures, videos and site links that I find. I know the difference between a posed upskirt and a real one. You won’t find any of the posed crap here.

If you have links to true accidental upskirts sites that I have missed, please let me know about them so I can share them with everyone.

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Accidental Upskirt At The Ladies Shoe Store

This cute blonde in a white mini skirt was trying on thigh high boots at the shoe store. Little did she know that she was giving everyone in the store an accidental upskirt shot of her white panties.

I tell you, if you like accidental upskirts then the ladies shoe store is one of the best places to go. No wonder so many shoe salesman have smiles on their faces.

Want to see the video? Just visit the link below.

See the video here

Hot Oops Upskirt At The Shopping Mall

This girl never knew she was giving everyone a free peek up her short black mini skirt at her red thong she had on.

She was shopping at an kiosk at the local mall that was elevated above the main floor. The kiosk was glass from the floor to the ceiling.

Girls! Watch out where you stand on elevated platforms or you will be giving people free upskirt looks. On second thought. Forget that. :)

Want to see all the oops upskirts shot of her nice ass? Just click the link below.

Click here to view the entire gallery

Walking In Public Accidental Upskirt

This girl with great legs was wearing a sexy little red mini skirt while out shopping. As she walked down the sidewalk the wind kept blowing her skirt up giving everyone behind her a glimpse of her nice firm ass.

Here are some pics from the video that was shot of her accidental upskirt.

Click here to go watch the video

Oops Upskirt Caught On Tape On The Street

This fiery redhead did not know she was showing off her green panties to everyone behind her. With a light tiny black skirt, a gentle breeze and her bounce in her step when she walked caused her skirt to bounce up and expose her behind.

Now that’s an oops upskirt for sure. These are some screen grabs from a video that was shot of her walking down the street giving everyone a nice free accidental upskirt shot of her tight green panties.

Don’t you just love those oops upskirts?

Click here to watch the video

Accidental Upskirt Caught On Shopping Mall Stairs

This accidental upskirt shot of a hot long legged girl was taken in the mall on the stairs to the second level. She was showing off her white thong for everyone to see without even knowing it. I guess she forgot what happens when you climb stairs in a very short skirt. The camera guy followed her around the mall and got some great upskirt shots of her. Well let’s see. A hot girl in a very short purple skirt wearing a white thong climbing stairs. Now that’s what makes some great accidental upskirt video footage. You can check out the high resolution hidden cam video of her hot ass by clicking the link below.


Click here to watch the video of this long legged babe